Utility Excavation

Our company specializes in trenching and excavating for the installation of telephone lines. We also specialize in concrete and flat work, paving, landscaping, and a variety of other services. Granite Avenue Utility Corp. has a substantial track record of construction management and construction safety. We have a team of seasoned professionals certified in OSHA and take all steps to ensure a safe, quality job.

Contract Work

Since its establishment in 1993, Granite Avenue Utility Corp. has been in the underground construction industry working with the largest Utility companies, private developers, and Government entities. Granite Avenue Utility Corp. is currently the Master Contractor for Verizon for the entire borough of Staten Island and is also holds contracts with AT&T and the DEP.

Union Affiliations

Granite Avenue Utility Corp. is a family owned, ALL-UNION COMPANY and full service corporation. We employ members from Locals 731, Local 1010, Local 282, Local 14 and Local 15.